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By:Abdul Muis


Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting – Under cabinet is a place that is usually ignored by some people. However in fact, this area needs a proper lighting because usually people put some stuffs in it like stove and the other kitchen stuffs. 

Besides that, under cabinet is only an area in which people usually making a salad, rolling dough or maybe just for looking the right fork and spoon for dining. That is why; it is better if you used the right under cabinet lighting for this area. 

At least there are some characteristic that an under cabinet lighting should has like it must be as light as possible, it must be producing the non glaring light, not heavy or bulky, it must be sturdy, easy to wire and it should be cool. 

If you needed the best under cabinet lighting products with those characteristics, Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting is the best choice.

One of the under cabinet lighting products from Lithonia Lighting is the Linkable LED Cabinet Light. Below is the further information of this Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting product.


Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting: The Intended Use:

For installing this product correctly and for getting the right benefits of this lighting, it is better for us to know about the intended use of this Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting

Linkable LED Cabinet light from Lithonia Lighting provides tasks or the accent lighting in retail, hospitality, commercial and also the residential applications. 

This product is perfect to be used over and under your cabinets, task lighting, display cases, coves, office lighting and also for your work areas or utility areas. It seems that this is a kind of great product that you can use at everywhere, isn’t it?.


Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting: Construction:

The second thing that we want to share is about the Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting construction.lithonia under cabinet lighting
This product has a low profile design that is completed with off or on rocker switch.  

Besides that, this under cabinet lighting product from Lithonia Lighting is also possible to be direct with wired or it can be powered with 5 cord and plug that is already included on this product. You can connect this lighting with 13 inches connector cord and this connector is already included with this lamp. 

There are some finish options that are available for the rugged low profile aluminum housing such as the bronze, white or even the brushed nickel finish. 

Another interesting feature that is applied on this Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting is the swivel head in which this feature will allow the light to be directed at any your desired areas. 


Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting: Electrical Information:

The next thing is about the electrical information. This lamp has 50,000 hours of L70 rated life. 

The other reason why you have to choose this Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting is because it can give warm color temperature, illumination and even 3,000K with CRI 83. 

Besides that this lighting product can be also used with standard dimmable switches and standard with stepdown of 120V driver or 120 V , 60 Hz. Meanwhile for the installation, all the mounting hardware is already included on this product. 


Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting: Listing and Warranty:

Lithonia Lighting is always committed for only making the best quality lighting products, included its Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting product. 

That is why; those products get some listings from many institutions such as the CUL listed to US and Canadian safety standards and also the ENERGY STARS and Title 24 qualified. 

These listings can be a guarantee for customers about all the Lithonia Lighting products in which they don’t need to doubt about the quality. 


Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting: Warranty Information:

For some Lithonia Lighting customers, the information about warranty is maybe really essential. 

For this Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting, customer will get five year limited warranty. For further information about the warranty, you can simply visit the acuity brands official website. These information are included the warranty registration and many more. 

lithonia under cabinet lightingThose are some information about one of the Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting products, especially the Linkable LED Cabinet Light. For getting this product you can simply visit some Lithonia Lighting distributors or in the other online stores. 

Actually, beside this product (the Linkable LED Cabinet Light), there are still many other under cabinet lighting products from Lithonia Lighting. 

Those products are like the UCLD, UCEL, RAZ, Linkable T5 Fluorescent Cabinet Light, T12 Fluorescent Cabinet Light, T5 Fluorescent Cabinet Light and T8 Cabinet Light.

Each of those products has the different specifications and installation process. That is why; make sure that you had already read the information before purchasing the products. 

For further information about installation, intended use and many more, you can visit the Lithonia lighting website to get the right and the best Lithonia under Cabinet Lighting


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