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By:Abdul Muis


Lithonia Outdoor Lighting is a series of product from Lithonia Lighting that will fulfill the needs of customers who want a proper lighting product for their outdoor areas. 

Those products come with only high quality by using the superior grade materials. Furthermore, this product is made by only the skilled craftsmanship for giving the aesthetic style and it is also having the highly engineered design. 

There are many kinds of selections of this Lithonia Outdoor Lighting  such as the poles, luminaries, finishes and mounting options. Below is further information about this outdoor lighting.


Lithonia Outdoor Lighting: Area Lighting:

This Lithonia Outdoor lighting is perfect to give great lighting for your outdoor area such as your garden and many more. There are many product options that you can choose for the area lighting products such as the architectural, general purposes, specification, LED area and D Series area pole mount. 

The examples of the area lighting products are like the KAC – Softsquare drop lens, OLAW – Led Area wall light, MR –  Omero Area and Roadway lighting, MRP  - Omero post Top Luminaries, KSE – Premium Square, KSF – Premium Rectngular and many more products.


Lithonia Outdoor Lighting: Security Lighting:

This Lithonia Outdoor Lighting product provides maintenance free of general illumination for years. Usually, this product is used for commercial or residential outdoor application such as the patios, driveways, loading areas, warehouses and yards. 

This is the intended use of the security lighting of Lithonia Lighting. Meanwhile for the construction, the dusk to dawn photo cell will automatically turning on at dusk and also off when the dawn was coming. 

This is done to give more convenience and more energy savings as well. This product is made from rugged cast aluminum and the great thing is that this is corrosion resistant that is housing with bronze finish. 

There is also a tempered glass material on this Lithonia Outdoor Lighting product and it is fully gasket for protecting the LED and keeps it out from the moisture, bugs and dirt. The rated installation for outdoor need is -40 degrees Celsius for minimum ambient. 


Lithonia Outdoor Lighting: Decorative Outdoor Products:

The second type is decorative outdoor product. Decorative outdoor products from Lithonia Outdoorlithonia outdoor lighting Lighting contain various products that can be divided into two types; Decorative Outdoor Lighting and General Purpose Lighting. 

The products that are included to decorative outdoor lighting are the Cylinder Wall Light and Contemporary wall light. Meanwhile, there are more than 25 products of general purpose lighting products. 

For further information, you can open the official website of Lithonia Lighting Company. In conclusion, these decorative outdoor products will give proper light for your outdoor with great style.


Lithonia Outdoor Lighting: Flood Lighting:

This Lithonia Outdoor Lighting product is usually used for parking lots, recreation areas, car lots and building facades. The front bezel of this product is sealed with one piece and bonded silicone gasket. 

The lens on these products is shock resistant, clear and thermal that is made from tempered glass. Meanwhile for the finishing touch, this product uses dark bronze polyester powder that is finished standard. For some colors that are available, you can open the Lithonia lighting website. 


Lithonia Outdoor Lighting: Wall Mounted:

Just like the other Lithonia Outdoor Lighting products, this wall mounted lighting type is also divided into 4 specific groups; the architectural, general purpose, contractor select stock, specification and LED wall counted. 

You can choose one that is suit with your need the most. Some examples of the products are WSR – Decorative half round, WSTM – Decorative Mini Trapezoid, VRC LED – LED Wallpack, OLW – LED Wall pack, OLCS and many more. 


Lithonia Outdoor Lighting: Parking Garage and Canopy:

Parking Garage and Canopy product as the part of Lithonia Outdoor Lighting is a kind of product series from Lithonia Lighting that is included onto the outdoor lighting products. 

lithonia outdoor lightingThis product will give a proper lighting for your parking garage and canopy. With the right and proper lighting, it is for sure that your garage and canopy will be safer than before. There are some lighting products that you can see for the Lithonia Parking garage and canopy lighting. 

That is why; for making customers are easier to get what they want, Lithonia Lighting divides those products into three parts; Specification, Contractor Select Stock and LED Parking Garage and Canopy. This is a right product if you wanted to get the high quality lamps for your canopy and garage with stylish design. 

Those are some information that we can share about the Lithonia Lighting products, especially for the Outdoor lighting. From the information above we can see that the products are varied, so that customers can choose one that suit with their needs. This is one of some pro reasons why people want to choose the Lithonia Outdoor Lighting


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