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All You Need to Know about Lithonia Lighting Parts

By:Abdul Muis

Lithonia Lighting Parts:

Lithonia Lighting Parts as one of the best lighting companies provides many kinds of products with many parts as well. That is why; if you wanted to use those products, it is better for you to know and understand each part of the product. Below, we will describe some things that you need to know about the lighting parts from Lithonia.

1. Lithonia Lighting Parts for Commercial and Indoor Lighting:

Customers will get wide options for the commercial and indoor parts from Lithonia Lighting parts. The first one is the ACLED. This AC Series LED combines the usage of digital LED lighting with control technologies. 

This combination will give a high performance for many applications like hospitals and schools that is long life, light installation and excellent color. 

Some products from ACLED are 2 ACLED 2X2, 2 ACLED 2X2-Emerge, 2 ACLED 2X4, 2 ACLED 2X4-Emerge and Accudrive. Besides ACLED, customers can also find the other parts for commercial and indoor parts like ALseries, Avante, Z-Strip, STLED, TLED, FSL, RT5 and many more.

2. Lithonia Lighting Parts for Downlighting and Track Lighting:

On this part, customer will find that Lithonia Lighting parts offer many commercial track and display lighting that are available whether in one circuit and two circuit configurations. 

This part is also included the low voltage track heads for many ranges of famous lamps, various accessories filters and louvers as well. The featured products for this downlighting and track parts are the RV Series like the “RV6 LED Retrofit Commercial Downlight” & “RV6 Retrofit Units” and RT5D LED Downlight. 

3. Lithonia Lighting Parts for Outdoor:

For making your outdoor is more interesting, Lithonia lighting parts offer many parts that you can choose. All of the products are made with the materials with superior grade, aesthetic styling and highly engineered designs. 

You can choose whether you want to use the poles, mounting options and finishes or luminaries. Some brands that match with these outdoor parts are TWH and TWD LED, D-Series LED Family, Architectural sconce series, OMERO architectural, The Stock Guide and OLW LED Wall Pack.

4. Lithonia Lighting Parts for Decorative Indoor and Outdoor:

If you looked for the unique and different LED and Fluorescent for your indoor and outdoor parts, Lithonia Lighting is the best answer. Lithonia Lighting

All the Decorative Indoor and Outdoor Lightings from this company are qualified by ENERGY STAR in which you will not only get the best design, but also the best energy savings to save your money and environment more. 

Some featured products that you can get on this part are the LED Mini Pendant and Sconces, OLW LED Wall Pack and LED Security Flood Light that are perfect for your yard, patios, loading areas, warehouse, driveways and etc.

5. Lithonia Lighting Parts of the Stock Guide:

The stock guide is a part from Acuity Brand and it will simplify the way of your business by giving the most competitive and popular stocks products from Lithonia lighting and the others in a catalog. 

6. Lithonia Lighting Parts of Fluorescent and LED High Bay:

For this part the lighting is combined with many things like the superior optical design and Ballast technology advancement. Those things made Lithonia lighting as one of the most efficient choice at the present time. 

Some featured products that you can choose are Proteon, Proteon SL, I-BEAM industrial, FAL – Aisle Lighter Fluorescent High Bay, MS5HB – Fluorescent High Bay, MS8 –Fluorescent High Bay and many more.

7. Lithonia Lighting Parts for Emergency Lighting:

Lithonia Lighting parts also offers wide selections for emergency lighting units, exit signs, fluorescent battery packs, and emergency power system for the commercial and industrial environment and also for some special environments. 

Some products that are included on emergency parts are the Quantum, Solo, Affinity, Power Sentry, Velare, Chicago Emergency Lighting and Signature. 

8. Lithonia Lighting Parts for Indoor HID:

Lithonia LightingThere are many kinds of Indoor HID products from Lithonia Lighting parts that will meet the Low Mount and high mount lighting applications. 

Each product has the different characteristic based on the different usage as well whether it is for the industrial, commercial or recreational lighting. Some featured products for this part are the A14, The stock guide and 15” Metal HB Reflector. 

9. Lithonia Lighting Parts for LED Lighting:

Many customers had already known about the commitment from Lithonia Lighting parts that wants to provide the sustainable lighting solutions. 

These solutions are enabled and enhanced by the LED lighting that is supported with other advanced technologies such as the lighting controls. There are two parts for this LED lighting:

• Indoor LED Lighting that consists of some featured products like the TLED, Z-Series, W-Series, ACLED, Proteon SL, Solo emergency lighting and many more.

• Outdoor LED Lighting that consists of some featured products like the D Series LED Floods size 1 – 3, KADT-LED Area lighting and more products again from Lithonia Lighting Parts.


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