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By: Abdul Muis


Lithonia Lighting Exit SignsLithonia Lighting provides many lighting products that we can choose based on our need. One of those products is the emergency products. 

For this emergency product, there are some lighting products that we can choose such as the exit unit combos, exit signs, emergency monitoring system and many more. On this article we will talk more about the exit sign that is usually done by many institutions.

Actually, there are many options that you can choose for this Lithonia Lighting exit signs; they are for the general purpose, specification, architectural, specialty, and contractor select stock.

Below we will describe more about those options:


1. Lithonia Lighting Exits Signs: General Purpose:

There is just one product option for this general purpose. This product is called the LQM – Quantum LED Exit Sign. This exit sign is really easy and install. 

Furthermore, this Lithonia Lighting exit signs has a streamlined design that is suitable and fit to apply above the door and the other tight fits. 

This lighting has two 5.4 watt wedge based krypton lamps that can give more than 32% light output than the usual incandescent lamps. Usually, the typical life for this exit LED Lamp is for about 10 years. 


2. Lithonia Lighting Exit Signs: Specification:

For this specification product, you will find more product option of Lithonia Lighting exit signs than the general purpose. There are for about six exit sign options that we can choose. Those products are:

• LQC – Quantum LED Die Cast Exit Sign

• LE-LRE – Signature LED Exit

• EDG – EDGR – Surface and Recessed mount Edge – Lit Exits with LED Lamps

• TLE – Signature Thin Die Cast Aluminum Exits with LED Lamp

• LXC – Steel Exit with LED Lamps, city of Chicago approved

• LHXC – Steel Exit Unit combo, city of Chicago approved

Those are the six exits signs from Lithonia Lighting, especially for the specification part. Those lightings above are made with the only great materials and come from many popular brands.


3. Lithonia Lighting Exit Signs: Architectura:

For this architectural part, we will find many exit signs products that are made with more aesthetic lithonia lighting exit signstouch, but still perfect to be used as an exit sign. There are two Lithonia Lighting exit signs for this architectural option such as:

• LRP – Precise Edge – Lit Exit with LED Lamps

• SOLO – Architectural Oval Exit. This is a really unique exit sign because it has a round shape that is quite different with the common or usual exit sign. That is why; you can use it to make your building is more unique than before. 


4. Lithonia Lighting Exit Signs: Specialty:

The specialty Lithonia Lighting Exit signs offers a lot of unique and different exit signs than the common exit signs that we usually see. As the example, we can see many exits signs products with more color and many more. At least there are 8 exit sign options that you can choose such as:

• LV – Series Extreme Vandal Resistant, all conditions exit with LED lamp NEMA 4X

• LV Series CSA – Extreme Vandal Resistant, All Condition exit – CSA Certified

• LZ – Hazardous Location class I, Division 2

• D – Self Luminous Tritium

• LX – Titan Die Formed Steel Exit with LED lamps

• Custom signage – special signage. Usually, the most special signage is available on green or red LED Lighting. 

• EDGC – Edge Lit Exits with LED lamps, surface and recessed mount – city of Chicago approved

• WLTE – Wet Location Exit Sign. This exit sign is ideal for the wet location because this lamp is only required the AC only or the battery backup power. 

This lamp is design with polycarbonate housing that is scratch resistant, impact resistant and also corrosion proof with three years limited warranty


5. Lithonia Lighting Exit Signs – Contractor Select Stock:

lithonia lighting exit signs For this contractor select stock, there is just one Lithonia Lighting exit signs product that is offered. This product is named LED Exit Sign contractor select. The constructions that are used for this Lithonia Lighting exit signs are;

• High impact thermoplastic housing

• The typical life of this lamp is up to 10 years long

• Dual Voltage 120/277VAC

• Single face exit that is completed with the extra faceplate

• Two year limited warranty

• Universal mounting for top, end or back are usually completed with canopy

• There are the battery backup models that are that are provided with status indicator and test switch. The status indicator is used for manual and visual means of its system operation.

Those are some options that you can choose for the exit signs from Lithonia Lighting. All products are made with the light materials and the materials are suited with the characteristic of where it will be placed. That is why; you have to choose that amazing Lithonia Lighting exit signs


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