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By: Abdul Muis


Lithonia Lighting elb06042:  

Lithonia Lighting elb06042 is a battery product from Lithonia Lighting that can be used for the replacement parts. Furthermore, this battery is one of the AJC brands that are made for Lithonia Lighting Replacement Parts

As we know that replacement parts are really one of the essential part of logistic management and chain supply management that can make your tools work normally again. 

That is why; you can use this battery for replacing the broken part or for your emergency lighting. 

This is an accessory that is really important that can be used mostly for the emergency lighting from Lithonia lighting. Actually, there are still many other replacement parts (battery products from Lithonia Lighting), but on this article we will talk more about the Lithonia Lighting elb06042

That is why; this article maybe advantageous for you who are looking for the details and information about this battery. Below we will give further information about this Lithonia Lighting elb06042

Information about the Lithonia Lighting elb06042 Details:

First of all we will talk about this battery’s detail, about the voltage, capacity, terminal and many more. Lithonia Lighting elb06042 has 6Volts for its voltage amount with 4.5ah capacity. This battery is usually used for F1 Terminals. 

That is why; if all of those characteristics meet with your need, you can use this battery. The battery type of this product is the Lead acid. You have to pay attention on this information and make sure that that entire characteristic match with your need. It can prevent any damages if you chosen the right battery for you lighting products. 

Lithonia Lighting elb06042 Description:

The other thing that people always want to know about this elbo6042 battery is about the detail description. Lithonia Lighting elb06042 is made for and compatible with Lithonia Brands. That is why; at the first paragraph we already said that this battery is a product of replacement part from lithonia lighting elb06042Lithonia Lighting and this battery is one of the important products of replacement parts. The important thing that you have to remember is that you have to re use the existing hardware and cabling. 

Besides that, this battery is only for replacement usage. The chemistry that is used at this battery is the Sealed Lead Acid or AGM with 1 year warranty. 

Before you purchase this Lithonia Lighting elb06042, you have to make sure that this battery matches with what you need or suit with your unit prior perfectly. Usually, the Lithonia Lighting distributors will not have any responsible if there were any incorrect order that based on your own mistake. 

Lithonia Lighting elb06042 Product Information:

For making sure that you have a clear overview about this battery, we will try to describe further and more detail information about this Lithonia Lighting elb06042

As we know that the product information is an essential thing, especially if you wanted to purchase this product from some online shops or online distributors. This battery has the product dimensions of 2.8 x 1.9 x 4 inches. 

The shipping weight of this product is about 1.7 pounds, so that you can think about the cost that you need to pay for this shipping process. Usually, you will need for about $5.34 for shipping cost. Furthermore, this battery is mostly available in black color. 

Lithonia Lighting elb06042 Price:

The next thing that we want to describe is about the price. We are sure that this is an essential and interesting thing to talk about. Maybe you will find different prices from some different Lithonia lighting shops or distributors. However, commonly this Lithonia Lighting elb06042 is sold with the price around $5.49. 

lithonia lighting elb06042This is a price that we get from site. If you wanted to purchase this battery online, you will need to pay the shipping cost as well. At the previous paragraph we already explained that this battery has 1.7 pounds for its weight so it will cost $5.34 for the shipping process. 

So, the total cost that you need to pay is $10.83. This total cost is twice from the genuine price of Lithonia Lighting elb06042. That is why; if there were any Lithonia Lighting near you, it is better for you to purchase this battery or the other Lithonia Lighting products in that distributor.

Those are some information that we can share about Lithonia Lighting elb06042. We knew that this is a great product because it is made with the great materials and many more. 

This battery is one of the replacement parts that are made for Lithonia Lighting products. Usually this battery is used for the emergency lighting usage. That is why, if you already checked the requirements that you need and you found it on this battery characteristic, you can choose this Lithonia Lighting elb06042

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