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By: Abdul Muis


Lithonia Lighting Ditstributors:

Lithonia Lighting Distributors are the place where you can get or purchasing various Lithonia Lighting products, such as for indoor, outdoor, emergency, downlighting, tracking and many more. These distributors are spread in a lot of places so that it will give many easiness for you to find the right Lithonia Lighting products. 

Besides provide many lighting products, on these distributors, usually you will also find many replacement parts that can be used for replacing some broken parts on your lighting products. 

The main focus that is owned by Lithonia Lighting is to simplify any ways that they did to do all the business. That is why; the appearance and existence of Lithonia Lighting distributors are important for reducing the cost, drive the growth of sales and it can improve productivity as well. 

Actually, there is a chance for you to become one of their distributors. Below, we will give some information and overview about some innovative programs that Lithonia Lighting offers for distributors. So, check this out. 


Lithonia Lighting Distributors Program: Acuity Distributor Centre (ADC):

The first stunning Lithonia Lighting distributors program is the ADC or Acuity Distributor centre. This program offers many interesting services that a new distributor can have such as:

• There is a real time for product information. It means that distributors will get the detail description about a new product as soon as that product was released by the company.

• Product Configurator.

• The real time order status. This service will make your business run better than before.

• Pricing information. This information will give a distributor a clear overview about each Lithonia Lighting product.


Lithonia Lighting Distributors: Acuity Distributor Center Mobile:

As we know that nowadays there is more people use mobile phone on their daily life and for their lithonia lighting distributorsbusiness as well. Aware about this fact, Lithonia Lighting offers a Lithonia Lighting distributors’ program in which will give many easiness for mobile users. Some of those services are:

• Browser service that is based on mobile applications. These applications can run on some mobile devices. Until now, the devices that are currently certified are the apple iPad 1, 2 and 3, and the Apple iPhone 3GS, 4 and also 5. Meanwhile, the android devices will be certified soon.

• After that, you can launch the browser in your mobile devices. You can type

• If all those 2 steps above had done, you can log in with the LDC user id and password that you can get. 

It means that you will need to get the user id and password first for using those services. For getting the password and user id, you can visit the Lithonia lighting official website and follow all steps that are required.


Lithonia Lighting Distributors: Quick Ship:

The third benefits and program that Lithonia Lighting Distributors can get is a quick ship. There are some services that are included on this quick ship service such as:

• The availability of superior products. These superior products will make you more confident in selling and delivering the Lithonia Lighting products.

• The offerings of regionally tailored products that will make you to get many unique products.

• For 100 or less quantities, it just needs for about 2 days shipping especially for multiple products for families. This quick ship process will make your business run better and there is more chance to develop the business more and more. 


Lithonia Lighting Distributors Program: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

lithonia lighting distributorsThe forth programs that is offered by Lithonia Lighting company for the Lithonia Lighting distributors are about the EDI or Electronic Data Interchange. There are many interesting services that you will get by becoming distributors in related with this thing. Some of those services are:

• The connectivity that is improved to connect with the distributors partners. It will make you as the Lithonia lighting distributors is easier to have any contact with the distributors partners. It means that you can solve any problems quickly and get the information quicker as well. 

• This program will allow the distributors to reduce the transactional costs through any EDI transactions. Lower cost is always good news for everyone, isn’t it? With this low cost, there is a possibility that you will get more profit than before. Besides that, you can allocate that cost for the other needs on your business. 

• There are multiple EDI transactional capabilities that are always available for the distributors. 

Those are some programs that are offered by Lithonia Lighting Company for their Lithonia Lighting distributors. This is a great chance that you can take because you can start to be a distributor for many Lithonia Lighting products. 

In the other words we can say that if you wanted to start and get an easy and profitable, why don’t you be the Lithonia Lighting Distributors?


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