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By: Abdul Muis

Lithonia Lighting Customer Service:

Lithonia Lighting Customer Service is one of the important parts from Lithonia Lighting Company. As we know that customer service can make customers feel more comfortable and helpful, especially when they had a problem in relation with Lithonia Lighting products

That is why; Lithonia Lighting company concerns to have the best, professional, skillful and friendly customer service staffs that are ready to help the customers. Below we will describe more about the Lithonia Lighting Customer Service.


Lithonia Lighting Customer Service, a Promise from the Company to Customers:

Lithonia Lighting has many experts that will help the customers with any questions that they might have on everything like textures, finishes, measurement and light output. 

These experts will make sure that customers will get the correct product at the first time in which that product can be used to accent their home. 

In the other words we can also said that the Lithonia Lighting Customer Service will help customers for saving more money and time and they will make customers are easier to finish their project on time in their desired style.


Lithonia Lighting Customer Service Contact Number:

The most way that is used by most customers to contact the Lithonia Lighting Customer Service is by phone. That is why; it is really essential for knowing the telephone number of Customers’ service staffs from Lithonia Lighting Company. Actually, there are many phone numbers that you can contact based on the area on their company that customers’ want to contact.

Below is the information and telephone number that customers’ can call:

• Lithonia Commercial Indoor: 800 – 858 – 7763

• Lithonia Commercial Outdoor: 800 – 279 – 8041

• Lithonia Decorative Residential: 800 – 748 – 5070

• Lithonia Downlighting: 800 – 315 – 4395, please choose the option 3

• Lithonia Track: 800 – 533 – 7728

• Lithonia Emergency Lighting: 800 – 334 – 8694

• Lithonia Industrial: 800 – 315 – 4963

• Lithonia Reloc Controls: 800 – 241 – 4750

• Lithonia Synergy Controls: 800 – 533 – 2719. 


Please choose option “2” then “4”for synergy option.lithonia-lighting customer service

Those are some Lithonia Lighting Customer Service numbers that customers can call in order to get their questions are answered by the experts or the customer service staffs from Lithonia Lighting Company. 

Besides those numbers, there is also the other option of Lithonia Lighting Customer Service, especially for you who live in New York. Customers in New York can call the number of 866 – 344 – 3875 to talk and discuss with the lighting experts. 

They will assist you to get the best products in order to avoid any exchanges or returns. Besides by phone, customers in New York can also talk with the lighting experts by sending their email to Those are the other options that customers can take. 


Contact the Lithonia Lighting Customer Service by sending them Some Mails:

If you were not so comfortable to contact the Lithonia Lighting Customer Service by phone or email, there is also an option in which the customers can send and talk about their questions by writing some mails. 

Furthermore, just simply write your mails and send them toLithonia Lighting Company that is located in “Lithonia Lighting PO BOX A Conyers, GA 30012”. 

There is a note that customers need to remember if they wanted to send a letter or by mail to this company is that customers have to write the subject of their inquiry on the envelope or they can write the area of Lithonia Lighting Company which they wish to contact.

As the example you can write on your envelope: Attn: Legal or Attn: Human Resources or Attn: Accounts Payable, and many more. It is to make sure that your letter will be treated by the right Lithonia Lighting Customer Service


Further Information about Lithonia Lighting Customer Service:

lithonia lighting customer serviceFor getting further information and more detail description about Lithonia Lighting Customer Service, you can simply open the Lithonia Lighting official website; and choose the contact us button that is located at the upper right of the website page. 

This contact us page contains some information that you need to contact the Lithonia Lighting, whether you want to contact them by telephone, mail or by email. There are many explanation that you will get in order to get the right customers service that can help customers to solve their lighting products.

With those variants contacts, we can see the true commitment from Lithonia Lighting to give the best for their customers. 

Besides having only the best and professional staffs for their Lithonia Lighting Customer Service, Lithonia Lighting also divides their customer’s service into some groups based on the kind of products that they offer.

It will make the customers will get the right treatment and answer for their lighting problem. That is why; if you had any problem or questions about Lithonia Lighting products, please call the Lithonia Lighting Customer Service.


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