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By:Abdul Muis

Lithonia Lighting Cover is varied. It is beneficial for customers because customers will have wider options about the cover to choose based on their budgets and needs. Usually, the product is the lens cover that you can find at some Lithonia Lighting distributors or at some online store. 

The cover products for Lithonia Lighting can give some advantages for your lamp, such as for giving the decorative designs and also to make your lamp or lens is always clean. 

Below are the Lithonia Lighting Cover products that we will explain and share to you:

Lithonia Lighting Cover 2 Light Wraparound Lens Cover:

The first product that we want to share is the Lithonia Lighting Cover 2 Light Wraparound Lens Cover. This is a great product to update your home. 

This cover will give a decorative way for covering your light and the greatest thing is that it will not diminish the lamp’s overall brightness. Besides that, this product is also completed with a quick install accessory that will simply protect the bulbs for any problems like the accidental breakage when the bulb is in use. 

In the other words we can say that it can give your lamp a more decorative looks without reducing the function of your light. This cover can be used in both, at home or office settings.

The next thing that we want to talk about is the Lithonia Lighting Cover 2 Light Wraparound lens cover features. This information is really essential to be known in order to make a safe installation and in order to give more comfort for customers. 

Below are the detail features of this product:

• This is the right product to give a clean and also decorative appearance

• This product will provide high brightness control and high vertical illumination as well

• This cover is made in USA

• The product type is: Flush Mount with two numbers of lights

• The finish is in white color

• United States is the country of manufacture.

Those are the features of this lens cover. How about the dimension details? Below is the dimension lithonia lighting coverdetail of this Lithonia Lighting Cover 2 Lights Wraparound Lens Cover:

• Overall produce weight is 0.81 lbs

• The overall height from top to bottom is 2.75 inch

• Overall width from side to side is 48 inch

• Overall dept from front to back is 10 inch.

Those are the detail of dimension from this product. Now you can imagine the overall shape and size although you purchase this product from an online store.

Lithonia Lighting Cover DLB48 M4 Wraparound Lens Cover:

This is the second Lithonia Lighting Cover product that we will explain and maybe it can be a good option for you to use. This product is sold with the price around $29.30. This price may vary in some stores based on the condition. 

Furthermore, this product is used for the electrical replacement parts and it is manufactured in United States. The item weight is for about 2 pound and its product dimensions are 56.8” x 8.2 x 19.9 inches. This cover has a modern style with white color and finish in matte. 

The materials that are used are plastic that will make to safe the bulbs more without diminishing the lights from the bulbs. This is the kind of Lithonia Lighting Cover that can be a perfect option to be used at your home or your office as well.

Lithonia Lighting Cover Decorative Style:

These third Lithonia Lighting Cover products are really amazing and it is loved by many customers. These cover products have more aesthetic value. The examples of these covers are like the sky view, astronomy and cloud cover. 

Those are a perfect decorative cover for fluorescent. Those covers will make your fluorescent and LED lights appearance are more beautiful than before because this cover will give the softer light and also can reduce the glare.

Lithonia Lighting Cover high resolution:

lithonia lighting coverFurthermore, it is a Lithonia Lighting Cover that is produced with high resolution decorative panels. It has the highest quality of acrylic and the print processes that are available. 

This produce can replace the flat diffusers only and you need to measure the fluorescent correctly to make it possible for inserting the most fixtures. The acrylic thickness is for about 60 inches and the brightness level is good for most lighting locations. 

Furthermore, this Lithonia Lighting cover can work for kitchen room with a lot of light sources such as from windows and canned lights. You may not be worried of the discoloring or becoming brittle because those things will be not happened because of this cover. A thing that you need to remember is that the accurate measurement is really essential. Make sure you do a double check before applying this Lithonia Lighting Cover. 


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