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By:Abdul Muis

Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga is a business operation of Lithonia Lighting that is located in Conyers, ga (Georgia). If you lived at that area or near that area, you can purchase many Lithonia Lighting Products on that store. 

Below we will give some information about this Lithonia Lighting business operation that is located in Georgia that is maybe this information will be beneficial for you.


Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga Review:

Before knowing much information about this business store, it is better for us to know the background of this business first. Actually, Lithonia Lighting is a kind of privately held company in Conyers, GA. 

Besides that, it is also a business that is placed as the secondary business. Furthermore, Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga is categorized under the unclassified business service. According to many notes, this business store is built on 2010 and it is included as a part of Georgia. 

Until now, there is no information about the yearly income that is gotten by this business store. However there is information that this business employs for about 55 – 99 staffs. 


Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga Address:

We will start to talk about where this business operation is located. The address of this Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga is at “1400 Lester Road Nw Conyers, GA 30012”. You can straightly go to this business store if you wanted to see many products from Lithonia Lighting in Georgia. 


Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga Contact:

After knowing the review and address of Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga, now it is the right time to
know the contact of this business store. There are some ways that are available for us to contact this business store such as by email or by phone.lithonia lighting conyers ga

If you wanted to contact them by phone, you can call the number (770) 922 – 900. Meanwhile, you can also contact them from their website at The chief financial officer of this business store is Wesley Wittich.


Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga Products:

As one of the Lithonia Lighting business stores, the Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga provides many Lithonia lighting products such as the products of emergency lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, down lighting and tracking and many more lighting. 

You will find many famous lighting brands on this business store like Quantum, Signature, SOLO and the other brands that you can choose based on your liking, need and budget.  


Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga Job Opportunities:

As one of the biggest business store, there are some jobs that are available at Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga. That is why; it can be a great opportunity, especially for them who are still jobless. Some kinds of jobs that you can find on this store are:

• Lighting Designer. For this job, you have to be able to design the lamp with the interesting and suitable design. Furthermore, you have t be able to make a design and specifications for the national accounts in some institution like hospitality, retail and banking industries with the new construction and also the retrofit projects.

You have to be able to work with some parties like architects, end users and also engineers for providing any documentation of innovative and efficient lighting designs.

• Landscaping Irrigation and Low Voltage Lighting Tech. This is the second job position that is available in Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga. 

As it is named, it is for sure that you have to master the lighting technology to apply this job. According to a source, the compensation for this job is for about $25,000 - $35,000 annually.

lithonia lighting conyers ga• Firmware Engineer. The main duty of this position is to implement and develop new and also the enhanced products of lighting controls. Besides that, you have to be able to work with manufacture to bring all of the products to market. 

For further job’s duties of this firmware engineer from Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga you can find it on their official website or from the internet.

• Supplier Development Engineer. This next job opportunity is to evaluate, develop and also improve the supply of Acuity Brands Lighting’s organization. It can be done with evaluating and auditing the facilities supplier and then processing it.

It is essential for identifying new services or materials’ sources. Just like the previous job, you can find more detail explanation or requirements to apply this job at Lithonia Lighting Official website or from some other sources in Internet. 

Those are some kinds of Job opportunities that you can find in Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga. These job lists can be changes at anytime based on the company policy and based on the condition of the company. 

However, many people said that it is really fun to work with this company. That is why; maybe it is a good start for you to start a career on this Lithonia Lighting Conyers ga

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