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By: Abdul Muis

Lithonia Lighting Company:

Lithonia Lighting Company is maybe already well known, especially for them who work with property and lighting needs. There are a lot of lighting products that are provides by this one of the Acuity Brands started from the indoor and outdoor lighting needs up to the emergency lighting needs. 

If you wanted to get the information about this company, you are in the right place because in this article we will explain some details about Lithonia Lighting Company.

Lithonia Lighting Company Review:

Lithonia Lighting Company is one of the best companies that provide only the best Lighting products for more than 60 years. It means that this company has great and long experience to provide the industries like commercial, institutional, industrial and residential with various lighting products. 

When we talked about the Lithonia Lighting products, we will always hear about the quality, solid performance and reliability that make Lithonia Lighting as the most specified brand in the business of lighting

Lithonia Lighting Company, the best quality products:

In fact, for Lithonia Lighting Company, the best quality products are not the only concern that they have. Why? It will be nothing if it was not supported with great customers’ service as well because customers are everything. 

That is why; they just employ only the committed and professional customers’ service staffs to make the customers are easier to get the right product and information such as about the product specifications and selections up to the delivery and beyond. They will get the right information at anytime the customers need them.

Lithonia Lighting Company Address and Contact Information:

After knowing about the review, it is also essential to know the address of Lithonia Lighting lithonia lighting companyCompany. Lithonia lighting is located in “1400 Lester Rd NW, Conyers, GA 30012, USA”. 

This is the main company. Maybe you will find some other Lithonia Lighting stores because in fact this company has many distributors to distribute their products. For knowing many things further, you can directly go to this company or you can also contact them by phone or sending your mails to their company. 

You can contact Lithonia Lighting Company by Phone at the number of +1 770 – 922 – 9000. Meanwhile, for you who want to send some mails to Lithonia Lighting, please send your mail to Lithonia Lighting PO. Box A Conyers, GA 30012.

Lithonia Lighting Company Distributors:

The next thing that we want to explain to you is about the distributors of Lithonia Lighting Company. As a company, Lithonia Lighting wants their products are easier to be reached by customers.

That is why; with this distributor partnership, customers are being able to get every Lithonia lighting products closer. Besides this benefit, there are also some other benefits that can be gotten from distributors program. 

One of the focuses from Lithonia Lighting Company is for simplifying how they do their business. That is why; distributors can get some benefits like lower costs, higher drive sales and productivity that is always increasing. 

For the Lithonia Lighting Company distributors, there are some menus that are available such as:

1. Acuity Distributors Center. For this menu, distributors will get some benefits and features like real time product information, product configuration, real time order status, pricing information and many more.

2. Acuity Distributors Center Mobile. This is one part of Lithonia Lighting Company for distributors. Some benefits that can be gotten by distributors are like browser that is based on mobile applications in which these applications can run on various mobile devices. 

The devices that are currently certified to run that program are apple iPad 1, 2 and 3 and mini, the Apple iPhone 3GS, 4 and 5. For the android users, you may not be worried because this device will be certified soon. 

Next, you will need to launch the browser on your mobile device. Type the on your device and then login with your LCD users and password. 

lithonia lighting ompany3. Electronic Data Interchange. This menu will give some advantages to the distributors like for improving the electronic connectivity with the distributors, there are also multiple EDI transactional that is available and this service can reduce the transactional cost through the EDI transaction

4. Quick Ship. For this case, Lithonia Lighting Company will only give the superior product, regionally tailored offerings and two days shipping for about 100 or less product quantity for multiple products families. This is a kind of great menu that is offered by this company.

Those for menus that is given by Lithonia Lighting Company will give a lot of advantages and easiness to join a relationship with this company. 

Distributors will be easier to get the products from Lithonia Lighting and at the rest, customers will be easier and more comfortable as well in getting the products from Lithonia Lighting Company.


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