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By: Abdul Muis

Lithonia Lighting Catalog will make us easier to find the right Lithonia Lighting products for our needs. As one of the Acuity Brands Company, Lithonia Lighting is a leading provider to produce an innovative and advanced technology that is combined with the sustainable technology to make only the best products for customers. 

That is why; Lithonia Lighting provides a lot of products and thanks God that they make a catalog for the customers about their lighting products.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Introduction Part:

If you opened the catalog from Lithonia Lighting official website, you will find that at the first page there is an explanation about Acuity Brands as the home of Lithonia Lighting

As a company, they will provide customers with only the best lighting solutions for various usages such as for indoor, outdoor, emergency lighting, downlighting and many more. In the explanation below we will explain more about the Lithonia Lighting Catalogs.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Commercial Downlighting:

The commercial downlighting is the first category that we can find in Lithonia Lighting catalog part. This catalog shows that Lithonia Lighting provides many commercial downlighting lamp with the best quality that is perfect to be used at your office, house and many more. 

This lamp is usually used in some rooms like meeting room at an office up to the kitchen. This lamp is placed in your ceiling with neat position. 

The illumination direction comes from above and it will illuminate the objects underneath. This commercial downlighting part from Lithonia lighting is divided into some parts again like LED Retrofit Downlighting, LED downlighting, Volumetric, specification, contractor select and, Options and Accessories.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Residential Downlighting:

This is the second kind of downlighting lamp that is more suitable to be used in your house. You canlithonia lighting catalog also find some products of this lamp from Lithonia Lighting catalog and you will be happy because in fact Lithonia Lighting provides many kinds of residential downlighting that can be chosen. 

In that catalog, some products that are included on this residential downlighting are the LED Modules, LED and incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, Low Voltage and Steplights. You can choose which one suits you the most.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Lighting Track:

If you wanted to find the best lighting track, in Lithonia Lighting catalog you will find many options that you can choose. Lighting track is a kind of lighting option that is suitable to illuminate some parts of the buildings like the aisle, exhibition gallery and many more. 

This lamp can be adjusted to the desired objects, so those objects will get more lights than the others. For lighting tracks, Lithonia Lighting provides the Track heads, track sections, Track configurations and Track Connectors and accessories.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Decorative Indoor:

Many people want to create their indoor rooms as beautiful as possible. One of the ways to design your interior or indoor is by adding the right lamp. For this case, Lithonia Lighting provides many decorative indoor products that you can find in Lithonia Lighting catalog

In that catalog, there are some parts that are included at the decorative indoor lighting options like the LED mini pendant & sconces, Flush or semi flush, classic collections, ceiling mount, wall mount, and cabinet lighting.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Lithonia Lighting Industrial:

Lithonia Lighting also provides many industrial lamps that are available in their catalog as well. For this industrial lamp, you will find many products like the High bay, low bay, options and accessories.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Demanding Environments:

Maybe there are some people or customers who find the lamps based on the demanding environments. Lithonia Lighting Catalog is the perfect source in which you can find many demanding environment lamps products such as the recessed, enclosed and gasketed, food processing, clean room, rough service, loading dock, and options and accessories.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Emergency Systems:

lithonia lighting catalogIn Lithonia Lighting catalog, you will also find some emergency system products in which this lighting option is used in some institution like hospital. Some products that you can choose for the emergency systems are like the exit sign, exit-unit combos, emergency lighting units, contractor select, and central inverter systems, New York Chicago Products, Wireless Reporting and General Information.


Lithonia Lighting Catalog: Lithonia Lighting Outdoor:

The other lighting option that is available in Lithonia Lighting catalog is for the outdoor usages. Some outdoor lamps from Lithonia Lighting will give your outdoor area like garden and etc a proper light. 

Some products for outdoor usage from Lithonia Lighting are area lighting, bollards, wall mounted, floodlighting, parking garage and canopy, options & accessories, Nigh time friendly lighting, Design guidelines and Poles.

Those are some lighting options from Lithonia Lighting that you can find in Lithonia Lighting catalog. It is for sure that if you wanted to search the lighting products from Lithonia, you have to open that Lithonia Lighting catalog


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