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By: Abdul Muis


Lithonia Lighting Careers:

Lithonia Lighting Careers are seemed really interesting. Besides that, in fact we can find many job opportunities that are available in Lithonia Lighting from year to year. 

According to a review that we got, we can say that Lithonia Lighting Company is a good place to work because there are many people that are ready to help. Below, we will describe more about the Lithonia Lighting Careers that are probably beneficial for you who are looking a job.


Lithonia Lighting Careers: About Lithonia Lighting Company:

We will start by sharing about the Lithonia Lighting Company first. Lithonia lighting is a company that is located in some places nowadays. 

However, the main office or the main company of Lithonia lighting is located in Crawfordsville, IN that is categorized under the home and garden. In more detail, this company is located in “510 Sheridan Ave Crawfordsville, IN 47933”. Their telephone number is (765)  364 – 9397. 

For further information about this company, you can visit Lithonia Lighting. This Company is now located at some areas and it means that there are more Lithonia Lighting careers that are available. We are sure that it is such good news. 


Lithonia Lighting Careers: Minimum age to work:

There are some requirements that must be obeyed when you wanted to start a career or starting to apply a job. This thing is also important to start the Lithonia Lighting careers

Essential information that we have to know is about the minimum age to work at Lithonia lighting. We can say that the minimum age to work on that company is 14 years old. 

This requirement is based on the federal child labor laws. Besides indicating the minimum age to work, child labor laws in IN is also indicating which permits that are needed. 

How about there is a conflict happened between the state and federal laws? For this case, usually the more restrictive law will be used or applied. 


Lithonia Lighting Careers: Salary:

According to some sources, the salary that employees can get is for about $70,000 for `1 – 4 years of experiences 3 salaries. Meanwhile the 20 years experiences or more two salaries, the lithonia lightingb careerssalary that can be gotten for the Lithonia Lighting Careers is for about $84,123. 

However, this salary is maybe different in one area and the other. It is based on the policy and rule of the company and kind of jobs. 


Lithonia Lighting Careers: Kinds of Jobs that are offered:

There are many kinds of Lithonia Lighting careers that you can try in this company. It means that there is more opportunity for you with various studies to work there. According to some sources, some kinds of jobs that you can find at Lithonia Lighting Company are:


1. Regional Renovation Sales Manager

This job position is available in Lithonia Lighting, Conyers, ga. For this Lithonia Lighting careers, you have to be able in renovating strategy and also increasing the lighting and lighting controls sales through the unplanned renovation projects. 

Besides that, you have to be able to work with local territory and align ABL together with energy green teams. You have to sell their programs and market strategies. For further information about this job position, you can open their official websites or find them in some sources like internet.


2. Firmware Engineer

This is the second job position that you can find in Lithonia Lighting Conyers, ga. This Lithonia Lighting careers is about an ability to implement and develop new and enhanced lighting controls products. 

Besides that, you have to be able to work really well with manufacturing in order to bring the products to market. There are some key tasks that you have to do in order to apply this job. You can find further explanation about those tasks on some website in internet.


3. Supplier Development Engineer

lithonia lighting careersThis is the third Lithonia Lighting careers that you can apply in Lithonia Lighting Company. This job is about developing, evaluating and improving the Acuity brands lighting’s supply chain organization. 

Those are done by auditing and evaluating supplier facilities and processes for identifying new sources of services or the materials, implementing the ABS / Acuity Business System Lean tools to the base of supply, and resolving the nonconforming material issues from suppliers. 

Those are some kinds or examples of Lithonia Lighting Careers that you can apply in Lithonia Lighting Company. Beside those three jobs, there are still some other jobs that are available in certain range of times. 

For further information about the jobs, you can open the official websites from Lithonia Lighting. Besides that, you can also find at some sources like the websites in Internet in order to get the right Lithonia Lighting Careers.


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