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By:Abdul Muis

Lithonia Lighting bltLithonia Lighting, as a part of Acuity Brands, has so many high quality products that can be chosen by customers, based on their needs and their budget as well. 

One of their high quality products is the Lithonia Lighting blt series. Those products are completed with the clean design and shallow fixture depth. 

These designs are made for giving easy installation, reliability and plug and play controls. The good news is that all of these products are offered in a really attractive price. 

This blt series from Lithonia Lighting is the best ambient lighting solution that come with best in value for the commercial projects. Below is the further information about this lighting product.


Lithonia Lighting blt Construction Information:

The first thing that we want to talk about is the construction information. This is the important information of Lithonia Lighting blt that the customers have to know. According to some sources we can know that these lighting products are made from die – formed components that are used for the dimensional consistency. 

These components are made with the polyester powder paint. This polyester powder paint is used to improve the aspect of protection and performance as well. Meanwhile, the reflector of this product is finished with the high reflective mate. 

The end plates part on this product contains integral that is easy to position. This integral is named the T-Bar clips and those are used for securely attaching the luminaries’ products to T-Grid part. In the other words we can say that it is used to increase the safety aspect. 

The diffusers on this Lithonia Lighting blt are extruded and it is as an impact of the modified acrylic that is claimed to increase the durability of this lighting product

Optional diffuser trim is also the other part that is used on this product and this optional diffuser trim gives the attractive mounting for the integral sensors. 

Besides that, it can also give the decorative elements especially the aesthetic values on this luminary. Basically, this lighting product is really great on its functions and it is good looking as well. That is why; it can be a perfect option that you can choose. 


Lithonia Lighting blt: Optics:

How about the optic information? The volumetric illumination on this Lithonia Lighting blt is gotten by creating an optimal mixing of lights to the walls, vertical and horizontal work lithonia lighting bltsurfaces and also the partitions

It is rendering the objects, interior space, occupants and the come in a more balance environments of complimentary luminous. You will also find the high performance extruded acrylic diffusers conceals theLEDs and it can efficiently send the light in a volumetric distribution. 

There are for about 4 diffusers that are available and can be chosen by customers. Some of them are the square and curve design that is completed with linear prisms or customers can choose the frosted finish one. 


Lithonia Lighting blt: Electrical Information:

Meanwhile for the electrical information, we can see that the long life LEDs are used and those are coupled with high efficiency drivers. This combination results the superior quality and quantity of illumination that is beneficial for extended the service life. 

The LED lumen maintenance is rated for about L80 and it is 60,000 hours. The eldoLED driver option is also installed on this Lithonia Lighting blt in which this thing can give the choice of dimming range and also choices of controls

Those can be done while you assuring the low current inrush, flicker free, low EMI and also the 89% of efficiency. This is so great. If you wanted more, there is the optional integrated nLight controls that will make each luminary is addressable. 

It will allow it to communicate digitally with the other controls of nLight like the switches, dimmers and also occupancy sensors. They use the standard of Cat-5 for the cabling installation. There is also the optional lumen management on this product that can provide the onboard intelligence and it will manage the LED source actively. 


Lithonia Lighting blt: Installation:

lithonia lighting bltBesides all those things above, installation is the other essential thing that we need to know about this Lithonia Lighting blt. As we already explained above that this blt series from Lithonia Lighting has a low profile design. 

More precisely, it has only 2 3/8 inches of the design that can provide better installation flexibility especially in the restrictive plenum applications. The standard size of this BLT series is 15 / 16 inches and the narrow size is 9 / 16 inches with T-grid ceiling system. That is why; this product is perfect for damp location as well.


Lithonia Lighting blt: Listing Information:

There are some kinds of listings for this Lithonia Lighting blt like the CSA certified, DesignLights Consortium qualified product, led light engine, 5 years warranty coverage for the luminaries that is included the fixture construction and many other listings for this Lithonia Lighting blt

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