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By: Abdul Muis


Lithonia Lighting Battery:

Lithonia Lighting Battery is included as the accessories product for some lighting products from Lithonia like for the emergency and downlighting needs. That is why; this battery is really important and it is needed by the Lithonia lighting users.  

There are many kinds of batteries that you can find from Lithonia lighting and those batteries available in various specifications and price as well. Below are further explanations that we will share about Lithonia Lighting Battery


Lithonia Lighting Battery: Emergency Battery Options:

The first thing that we want to talk about is the emergency battery options. The intended use of this Lithonia Lighting Battery is to use with frame installation of LF8 2 /TRT, LF8 1 / TRT, LF8 2 / DTT, CCR82, LP8F, LF6 2 / DTT, LF6 1 /TRT and LP6F. 

Furthermore, you can specify the options of ELR or EL when ordering this battery. Meanwhile for the construction, the Lithonia Lighting Battery can be divided into two kinds as follows:

• For EL Type. The emergency battery pack comes together with the integral test switch. It is not available with magnetic ballast and operates in ¼ pin lamp at emergency mode together with battery backup in case of the power disruption. 

For ELR type. Basically, it has the same construction with the EL type like it is not available with magnetic ballast and operates in ¼ pin lamp at emergency mode together with battery backup in case of the power disruption. However, the different thing is that the ELR type from Lithonia Lighting Battery is the emergency battery pack with remote test switch.  


Lithonia Lighting Battery: Fluorescent Battery Pack:

The second thing that we want to talk about is the fluorescent battery pack. Lithonia Lighting lithonia lighting batteryBattery of fluorescent battery pack can be divided into three different things. Those are:

1. Compact Fluorescent. This is the first product that we can find, but unfortunately at the present time we can’t find any products of compact fluorescent on Lithonia Lighting.

2. Linear Fluorescent. For the Lithonia Lighting Battery linear fluorescent, we can find for about 7 battery products that you can choose based on your needs. Below we will share some of them.


• PS Power Sentry. This is the first product that we can find. The pros of this battery are reduced profile, quick disconnect and damp location battery packs for linear fluorescent. 


Lithonia lighting battery construction:

The construction of this Lithonia lighting battery is the mount is concealed within fixture wire way. It is used to give a clean appearance and protect the battery against vandalism. 

The durable thermoplastic or metal housing is used to resist the impact, corrosion or scratches. This battery is also sealed in maintenance free and it has the high temperature of nickel cadmium kinds of batteries. 

There is also a patent pending of quick disconnect system connector that is applied on this battery is used for easy and quick replacements at the end of life and you don’t need for re-wiring. 

Besides that, there is also the patent pending of US Patent no. 5,814,971. This ps power sentry battery is also listed by UL listed and the damp location listing is also available. 

• PSSD. This is a self diagnostic module battery for linear fluorescent battery pack that you can choose. This Lithonia Lighting Battery is design for performing the self diagnostic testing for about 5 minutes in every month and 30 minutes in every six months. 

In the other words we can say that there is a regularly self diagnostic testing that will be done by this battery. 

The construction of this battery is like the audible beep that can permanently deactivated in the field, quick connect terminal that will allow the easy and fast installation, status indicator that is made from single multi chromatic. 

This battery is also completed with UL listed for use inside the wet location or damp that is listed fixture 32 degrees Celsius to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 

lithonia lighting batteryThose are two kinds of linear fluorescent battery product from Lithonia Lighting battery series. Besides those two products above, there are still many other products that you can choose such as:

• PSL Power Sentry Battery. This is a low profile battery pack for linear fluorescent fixtures.

• PS 48 – PS 3000 – PS 600 C.

• PS-750DL (emergency backup for LED battery)

• PS1050DL as the emergency backup for LED Battery

• PS750, a reduced profile of battery pack for emergency LED.  


Lithonia Lighting Battery: Contractor Select Stock:

For the contractor select stock, there is only a Lithonia Lighting battery product that we can choose. 

This is a Fluorescent Battery Pack. This battery operates most at 2’ / 4’ liner or the U shaped single T8 or the T12 fluorescent lamp for about 90 minutes long. 

This battery is compatible with the most magnetic T12 and the most electronic T8 and it has the rapid and instant start and also the slim line ballast. This is also a great Lithonia Lighting battery.


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