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By:Abdul Muis


Lithonia Lighting Ballast:

Lithonia Lighting Ballast that is provided by Lithonia Lighting meets all the high qualities just like most customers are expected such as for its regulatory, safety standards and also for the great performance. 

All the ballast products are made by famous nationally manufacturers that are completed with service program of established warranty. Furthermore, all the fluorescent electronic ballast inLithonia Lighting is warranted through each ballast manufacturer. 

That is why; if you wanted to know further about those warranty information, contacting the ballast manufacturer is a great idea. The information about specific ballast manufacturer is placed on the ballast label that is usually located inside the fixture.

If you wanted to report the Lithonia Lighting Ballast that warranty issue, please have the model number of the related ballast and also the mfg date or date code. In addition, all the fluorescent magnetic ballast that is sold through Lithonia Lighting Company are having two years warranty from the manufacturers. Below, we will give more information about Ballast products from Lithonia Lighting. 


Lithonia Lighting Ballast: Replacement:

The next thing that we will discuss is about how to replace the Lithonia Lighting Ballast. This is really important information that needs to be known. For replacing the ballast, first of all please turn off the power in the main panel or unplug the fixture. After that, please remove the compartment cover of the ballast for exposing the ballast and internal wiring. 

Usually the attachment method of the ballast covers are varied based on each manufacturer. As an example, it could be attached with clips, nuts or just simply snapped into the place. 

Then, if you found any annoying loud, hum or flickers, maybe the degrading ballast is the cause. lithonia lighting ballastMostly, the typical ballast will last generally about 20 years long. The things that can cause the decreasing lifespan of the ballast are like the cold environments and also because of the bad bulbs. 

If your Lithonia Lighting Ballast was broken, you can get the new ballast at some home centers
or hardware stores and it can be easily installed. It just need for about 10 minutes long for installing the new ballast.

To get the right ballast, you can bring the old ballast to the home enters of hardware stores. Show that old ballast to the seller and they will pick up the same ballast for you so that you can easily install the new ballast. If you were not be able to change the new ballast by yourself, asking some helps from professional is a great idea. 


Lithonia Lighting Ballast: Tools and Materials that are needed to Change the Old Ballast:

We already explained the way how to install or changing the old ballast with the new
one above. For that replacement process, you will need some tools and materials so you will be able to change the
Lithonia Lighting Ballast. Some required tools that you will need for this project are:

• Nut driver

• 4 in one screwdriver

• Wire cutter or wire stripper

Those are some tools and materials that are needed for the replacement new ballast. You can buy those kinds of materials in some stores near your home. Meanwhile, there are also some other materials that you will need to prepare in this replacement process. Those materials are the new ballast and also wire connectors. 


Lithonia Lighting Ballast Cover:

Lithonia Lighting Ballast cover is a product that is provided by Lithonia Lighting in order to cover their ballast product. This product is chosen by many Lithonia Lighting customers for their ballast products. There are so many cover products that you can find in some Lithonia Lighting distributors or at some online shopping stores.

lithonia lighting ballastOne of the ballast cover products from Lithonia Lighting is the Lithonia Lighting LB432 Volt ¼ VIS Wrap Flush Mounted Multi Volt Ballast Ceiling 4 – Light Fixture, White. This product is sold with the price around $77,19.

These products are die formed that is made from code gauge of cold rolled steel. These materials are used for giving better durability and quality. This product will not cause any flickers or hums. We have to thanks the efficient fluorescent technology that is developed by Lithonia


Furthermore, this cover will snap into the Lithonia Lighting Ballast without needing any usage of tools:

There are also some bottom prisms that are located at the side and bottom of this product to help in reducing any glares and controlling brightness as well. Basically, they will not interfere with some other electronic tools.

That is why; this cover is perfect to be placed on the ballast products from Lithonia Lighting and your walkways, garages and other outdoor environments will get the proper light because of the usage of Lithonia Lighting Ballast 

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