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By: Abdul Muis

Lithonia Lighting afn

Lithonia Lighting afn is an architectural die cast emergency lighting from Affinity brand. Furthermore, this lighting is a member of emergency lighting unit from Lithonia Lighting

That is why; it can be applied on some buildings like office, hospital and many more. There are many people who are attracted with this lighting and maybe you are one of them. If it so, you are in the right place because on this article we will explain the details of this lighting unit. So, let is check this out


Lithonia Lighting afn Intended Use:

First of all, we will talk about the intended use of this lighting unit. According to some sources, Lithonia Lighting afn can provide off for about 90 minutes illumination. This is counted for the rated wattage upon the loss AC power. That is why; this lighting product is ideal for application that is requiring the equipment of attractive units. 


Lithonia Lighting afn Construction:

The next thing that is essential to be known is the construction of Lithonia Lighting afn. This lighting product is made by die cast aluminum hosting with low profile, compact and architectural design.

Meanwhile, the finishing touch is using polyester powder coat paint that is painted in nickel white for giving more texture. The other paint colors options are dark and black bronze. There is a NFPA Life Safety Code that is functioned as the self diagnostic emergency units comply. 

This will make the battery is tested automatically once a month and this process is only needing five minutes long. The battery will be also tested once in every six months for about 30 minutes long. 


Lithonia Lighting afn provided:

The standard optic on this Lithonia Lighting afn is provided with two 6 watt edge base xenon lithonia lighting afnlamps that can offer up to 55% more light output than the standard incandescent lamps that we can find in the market. 

Meanwhile the FWD or forward throw option optics are provided with two white LEDs with high brightness that is projecting a forward throw light beam

The reflector or refractor on this lighting product had already patented with superior vac metalized featured design, multi faceted and die casted reflectors. This lighting product is also completed with highly transmissive refractors that can improve the photometrics significantly.

There is also maintenance free lead acid or it is also called with SLA as the battery and it is for the standard version. Meanwhile the nickel cadmium is optional. 

The other characteristics of this Lithonia Lighting afn are like the dual voltage input capability (120 / 277V), Low profile, rigid conduit entry provision that is located on top of the unit, the integrated test pilot light or test switch that is located below the lens. 

There is also a remote version that is available for exterior use. That is why; it is also ideal for exit discharge applications. Those are some information about the construction of this Lithonia Lighting afn.


Lithonia Lighting afn Listings Information:

Many customers want to get only the best products with good listings as well. For this case, this lighting product will give it to you as the customers. 

This product is made from the great materials and it has great listing as well. According to the data, Lithonia Lighting afn is already completed with some listings. The first thing is that it is listed by UL listed to meets the UL 924. The other listed that we can find on this lighting products are:

• Wet Location (EXT) listed

• Damp Location (PREM, EXT) listed

• Cold Weather (EXT) listed

• Meets NFPA 101, NFPA 70-NEC

• OSHA illumination Standards


This product also has three year limited warranty that can guarantee the quality of this lamp. For knowing further about this product’ warranty terms, you can try to look and read about it in the Internet to get the best Lithonia Lighting afn.


Lithonia Lighting afn Price Review:

lithonia lighting afn The next thing that we want to talk and inform is about the price of this Lithonia Lighting afn. According to some resources like the online shop, we can get a data that this Lithonia Lighting afn product is sold with the price around $320.89 and there is no shipping cost. 

However, this price may different from a shop to the other shop or from a Lithonia lighting distributors to the other distributors. That is why; you have to read more about the information of the price before purchasing one unit. 

Those are some information that we can share about Lithonia Lighting afn. Based on the information above, it is clear that this is a kind of high quality emergency lighting unit product that can be your options. If you wanted to search one of the best emergency lighting unit, it is clear that you have to choose Lithonia Lighting afn.


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