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By: Abdul Muis


Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4:

Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 is the other lamp series from Lithonia Lighting that we want to describe now. In Lithonia Lighting, this product is also known as the GTL Series and maybe this product is one thing that you are looking for now. 

If it so, you are in the right place because we will talk more about this lamp. We knew that nowadays LED lighting is a kind of lighting that is chosen by more people. It is because this LED lighting has some benefits and those benefits will be felt well if it came with the affordable price and many options to meet your need.


What is Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4?:

We will start by knowing about this product first. What is Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 actually? This GTL series is LED troffer that is really specifiable and it is also a general purpose recessed LED troffer. 

This product will give more flexibility to spaces with budget constrained. So, the Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 can be a great option for you. 


The Intended Use of Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4:

The next thing that is essential to know, especially for you who are looking for the Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 is about its intended use.

For some sources, we can know that this economical and solid state lighting is really ideal for some projects like renovation, new construction and also the opportunities of retrofit. 

However, this lamp also has a broad range of application because we know that the general purposes of fluorescent lighting are currently prevailed such as for schools, offices and also commercial general ambient applications. 


Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 Construction and Electrical Information:

How about the construction of this lamp? Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 is available in 3 sizes for some lithonia lighting 2gtl4  application types such as the applications with 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 configurations type. Meanwhile for the electrical information, the GTL series is a long life LED that is combined with high efficiency drivers that will give more extended service life. 

Furthermore, a data shown that there is 90% led lumen that is maintenance at 60,000 hours or it is also written L90/60.000. You will also notice that this product is using the eldoLED driver because in fact this LED can provide some options of dimming range and control while users are assuring the flicker free, 89% efficiency, Low EMI and low current inrush. That is why; this is product with great durability that will give more comfort and profit in using this lamp.


Lithonia Lightings 2gtl4 Listings:

Besides using only the right materials to give the right functions, Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 is also listed and certified really well to guarantee its quality. 

As an example, this GTL series is certified by CSA to meet the standard of US and Canadian. Besides that, this product is also DLC certified and damp location listed. There is no doubt again that this product is a well quality product from Lithonia Lighting that you can choose. 


Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 Series Product:

There are some variants of products of this Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 series. Below we will explain about some of them.

Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 LP835 2 Feet by 4 feet LED Troffer Indoor Light White. This lighting is offered with the price around $132.87 exclude the shipping cost. There are two styles that you can choose; the 36 watt equivalent or 47 watt equivalent.

The energy efficient that is offered by this LED lighting will make you save more of the electricity and save your money more. This product is made from the steel construction in gloss white with 120 – 277 volt led. The other pro of this lamp is that it is really easy to install and low maintenance.

lithonia lighting 2gtl4Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 A12 120 LP840 4000K Contractor select LED Lensed Troffer Light 2x4 inch white. This product is cheaper than the product above in which this lamp is offered with the price around $59.97. There are two size variants of this lighting such as 2’x2’ feet and 2’x4’ feet. 

Meanwhile for the style, there are two style variants that you can choose; the Prismatic Lens and Satin White Lens. Some details that are owned by this lighting are like the plugin connectors that are included at the LED boards for easy servicing or replacing. Besides that, this lighting is also made from 22 gauge cold rolled steel, end flanges for safe handlings and smooth hemmed sides.

Those are two kinds of products from Lithonia Lighting, especially for Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4 series. You can find the other kinds of products from some sources whether from Internet or from some magazines. 

You can choose one product that suit with your needs and your budgets. With many options and affordable prices, it is for sure that many people will choose this Lithonia Lighting 2gtl4.


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