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By:Abdul Muis   


Lithonia Lighting 2blt4: 

Lithonia Lighting 2blt4 is kind of bulb series from Lithonia Lighting that offers many products with great materials. There are many options that you can choose for this 2blt4 series.. That is why; you will have wider choice that suits with your needs more. Below are some of those products that we will share to you.


1. Lithonia Lighting 2blt 4 40L ADP LP835 Matte White:

This is the first member of Lithonia Lighting 2blt4 that can be your option. This bulb is featured with polyester powder paint for its paint to improve its performance and to improve its protection as well. 

This bulb fits into the standard 15/16” and 9/16” for the narrow. The energy efficient that is used is for about 34 watt that is integrated with LED lighting. Below is the information of the dimensions:

• Width: 47.75’ ; Height: 2.375” ; Depth: 23.75”

• This bulb use the integrated LED bulb type as its bulb base and the LED bulb is included.

• The wattage is 34 with 120v as its voltage

• This Lithonia lighting 2blt4 uses 82 color for the CRI / Color Rendering Index

• The temperature is 3500K 

• The average hours are 60000 and lumens 4000

Those are some specifications about this lamp.


2. Lithonia Lighting 2blt4 46L ADP LP840:

This is the second product that you can choose on Lithonia Lighting 2blt4 series. This lamp is lithonia lighting 2blt4 divided into some variants like:

1. 3500K – Bright White / 4000 lumens

2. 3500K – Bright White / 4600 lumens

3. 4000K – Cool White / 4000 lumens

4. 4000K – Cool White / 4600 lumens

Some details of this lamp are as follows:

• This product is painted with Polyester and the enclosure components are dying formed that is aimed for the dimensional consistency.

• The LEDs that offers 4000 lumens is included with the cool white for its color temperature / 4000K

• This long life LED that is paired with drivers with high efficiency will provide better quantity and quality of illumination for about 60,000 hours. 

• This lamp or bulb fits into the narrow 9/16 inch and standard 15/16 inch of t-grid ceiling system. It is also perfect for damp location. 

• CSA certified (this is done to meet the Canadian and US standard). This product is also ic rated. 

The price for this Lithonia lighting 2blt4 is 46L ADP LP840 is $122.08 exclude the shipping cost (if you bought this product from some online stores). 

This is a best in value product that you can get for a low profile LED luminaries. This product has a stunning center basket design that will give a versatile style, clean and also volumetric distribution. 

This lamp is completed with high efficacy LED light engines that will provide more energy saving with low maintenance than if you compared with the other traditional sources. 

That is why; this product is perfect for much institution such as the offices, schools and the other places like retail, hospital, commercial spaces and healthcare facilities. This product also has a low profile blt design of 2-3/8” that will make it as a great product to be used in a renovation project as well. 


Lithonia Lighting 2blt4 Customers Review:

Lithonia Lighting always comes with many superior products that can attract more customers to use their products. That is why; at the present time we can see many people prefer lithonia lighting 2blt4to use the product from Lithonia Lighting and one of those products is the Lithonia Lighting 2blt4

However, now the question is “are the customers happy and satisfied with the 2blt4 products?”. We will try to answer that question at the explanation below.

In fact, it is a little bit hard to find any reviews about this Lithonia Lighting 2blt4. However, in some sources like Internet, we can say that many people had already used this product and they satisfied about this product. 

They said that this Lithonia lighting product is cheaper as the other products in the same class (Low Profile Recessed LED Luminaire). Besides of the price, many people prefer to use the 2blt4 because in fact this lamp can give them a sleek light source. This product will be not only looked beautiful, but also will be functioned perfectly.


Review Lithonia Lighting 2blt4:

Those are the review about Lithonia Lighting 2blt4. You can find this product now at some online stores or at some Lithonia Lighting Distributors. 

If you preferred to buy this lamp at some online stores, perhaps you have to pay more because you have to pay the shipping cost. That is why; if you wanted to purchase this lamp more affordable, the Lithonia Lighting distributors near you are maybe the right place for you to purchase the Lithonia Lighting 2blt4


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