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By:Abdul Muis


Lithonia Garage Lighting:

Lithonia Garage Lighting is a kind of product series from Lithonia Lighting that is included onto the outdoor lighting products. This product will give a proper lighting for your parking garage and canopy. With the right and proper lighting, it is for sure that your garage and canopy will be safer than before. 

There are some lighting products that you can see for the Lithonia Parking garage and canopy lighting. That is why; for making customers are easier to get what they want, Lithonia Lighting divides those products into three parts; Specification, Contractor Select Stock and LED Parking Garage and Canopy. Below is the further information about each part.


Lithonia Garage Lighting: Specification Products:

We will start from the specification products first. On this part, there are for about 7 lighting products that we can find for Lithonia Garage Lighting. Below are those products:

KACM Contour Soft Square

PGR – Surface mount round

TGR – TGL – Enclosed Prismatic Acrylic Optical

FPG – Low Profile Surface Industrial

VAP – Archway Passage Parking Garage

D – Series Parking Garage – DSXPG LED outdoor parking garage Luminaries

D- Series Surface Canopy – LED Surface Canopy

From those products series, we can take a note that the specification garage lighting products from Lithonia Lighting come from various brand with various shape, size and usage as well. 

It means that customers will have wider option for the Lithonia Garage Lighting.


Lithonia Garage Lighting: Contractor Select Stock:

The second kind of Lithonia Garage Lighting is the contractor select stock. From the official lithonia garage lighting
website of Lithonia Lighting Company, there is only a product that refers to this stock. This product is Ceiling Mount Utility. 

The intended use of this product is for the general purposes installations. This product is design for easy maintenance and installation so it will be not struggling the customers. 

In addition, this product is constructed from die cast aluminum with one piece type. This die cast aluminum features 3 threaded half inch NPS plug, especially for conduit entry. 

There are also the one piece silicone perimeter of lens gasket and neoprene with closed cell for helping seal out contaminants and moisture. 

The post painted that is used after fabrication is the dark bronze color for polyester powder coat. Meanwhile, the optics that are used are the UV stabilized, clear prismatic, nominal thickness 125” or 1/8 inches and polycarbonate lens. 


Lithonia Garage Lighting: LED Parking Garage and Canopy:

The next Lithonia Garage Lighting is the LED Parking garage and canopy products. These products are varied and all of them will give the proper light to your garage or your canopy. 

There are for about eight LED parking Garage and canopy products from Lithonia Lighting that we can see. Those products are:

VAP LED the Architectural vandal  - Resistant LED Linear Luminaries. This product is perfect for the archway passage because it will give the proper lighting just like you need.

 KACM LED – LED Contour Soft square. This product has traditional square shape but with softened edge to give the versatile look and for complementing various applications. Furthermore, this lamp is also using the latest LED technology. 

Parking garage D – Series –DSXPG LED outdoor parking Garage luminaries. Just like it is named, this product is really perfect for wide outdoor parking such as a park area in a mall and many more. 

OLWCM LED Outdoor of ceiling Mount area light. This is a perfect product if you were looking for the proper lighting for outdoor areas such as the garages, loading areas, carports, and also the covered walkways.

Surface Canopy D – Series – LED surface canopy. This D – Series products is really easy to install, long life and it has the energy savings.

VRC LED the LED Wallpack. For your information, this product is a popular VRC -  LED, but it comes with many new things such as the efficient energy of LED technology that has a high quality and long lasting as well. 

 The Outdoor OLCFM – LED ceiling Mount general purpose lighting. This product has an attractive design that makes it perfect for ceiling mount application and wall. Besides that, this product is beautifully finished in bronze and white color. 

lithonia garage lighting PGX – LED Parking Garage Luminaries. This Lithonia Garage lighting has the prismatic borosilicate glass lens that will give maximum visual comfort, no discoloration as long as the luminaries live and superior photometric control. Furthermore, this product has 86% energy saving and it means it is really economic. 


Lithonia Lighting has various products:

Lithonia Lighting has various products of lighting that can be used in some different areas such as indoor and outdoor. 

If you were looking for the high quality and proper lighting for your outdoor areas such as the archway passage, garage, parking areas, carports, etc, the perfect solution is Lithonia Garage Lighting


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