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By:Abdul Muis Lithonia lighting is a part of website in which we can find many information about the Lithonia Lighting Products. Of course that it is an option that is really simple for us who want to get the Acuity Brands, especially Lithonia Lighting

There are many options buttons that you can click to get certain information just like what you need to get. Below we will give further description and information about this website.


How to Open the Lithonia Lighting Product Collections in Lithonia Lighting:

There are some options in Lithonia Lighting website that maybe will make some of us confuse. To reach the Lithonia Lighting product options, you just need to do this simple way. 

First of all, please open the After the page was opened, we will see some options to be opened such as brands, products, solutions, resources, insight, about us and contact us. 

For getting the complete information about Lithonia Lighting, we have to choose the option of “brands” and just click on that button. After that, there will some kinds of lighting brands and we have to choose Lithonia Lighting. Lithonia Lighting Review:

After opening the Lithonia Lighting part, we will see a complete description about Lithonia lighting and its products on this Lithonia Lighting page. 

First, we will see the review of Lithonia Lighting Company as a company that provides many high quality lighting needs such as HID, LED and fluorescent that are suitable for varied usage such as for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional lighting

To know and see some products of Lithonia Lighting, we just need to simply scrolling down our cursor. In addition, there is also a ling that is placed on this page in which we, as the customer, can directly connect to Lithonia Lighting official website if we clicked on that link. Lithonia Lighting Advanced Filters Features:

This page gives some easiness. It seems that Lithonia Lighting is aware that lightahome com lithonia lightingLithonia Lighting has a lot of products that can make someone is harder to find the product that he needs if he did it manually. 

That is why; on this website there is an "Advanced Filter Feature” that will possibly us to find the right product that we want to get by simply entering some keywords that are related with the product. Look at the middle left side of this page. 

We will see a blank box for this advanced filter feature. We just need to write the related keywords on that empty box and then click search. This advanced filter feature from Lithonia Lighting will save our time more. Lithonia Lighting Filters Type:

We will still talking about the advanced filters features. Besides writing some keywords that you wish, there are also some filter type from Lithonia Lighting that will make you are easier in searching the right Lithonia Lighting products. These filter types consist of some options such as:

• Lighting product type that consists of some options like architectural indoor, area light, bollard, canopy, and diffuser and down lighting.

• Controls Products Type in which this type consists of some options such as Photo Sensor.

• Environment Types that consists of some important options such as the demanding, hazardous, indoor and outdoor options.

• Light source. In this type, there are some options that you will see such as compact fluorescent, fluorescent, halogen, HID, HID – ceramic metal halide, HID – High Pressure Sodium. LED, Induction, Incandescent and some other options.

• Application type that consists of some options like automotive and parking, education, government, healthcare, hospitality, loading dock, outdoor area and  many more options.

• Advanced Filters. For this part, you will be able to choose some options in a more specific and detail ways such as from the sensors, shape, voltage rating, network connection type, primary material, mounting type, lumen maintenance, A+ capable, listings and etc.

Those are some advance search feature that you can find on Lithonia Lighting. Lithonia Lighting Contact:

lightahome com lithonia lightingAfter knowing some descriptions and explanations Lithonia Lighting, maybe some of you need to contact that website. For this case, you can contact them by directly come to the Corporate Headquarters that is located in “1170 Peachtree Street, NE Suite 2300 Atlanta, GA 30309-7676” and contact their phone numbers at 1 – 800 – 922 – 9641. 

You can also come to Acuity Brands Lighting Company that is addressed in “One Lithonia Way Conyers, GA 30012” or call them at 770 – 922 – 9000. If you had some general questions and products to ask, you can contact their technical support at 1 – 800 – 922 – 9641. 

Those are some ways that are provided by this website for the customers. With all of those options, you will be easier to find the right product in Lithonia Lighting


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