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LED Lithonia

By:Abdul Muis


LED Lithonia:

LED LithoniaLithonia Lighting is famous for its many best quality lighting products with the best price as well. That is why; many customers fall in love with their products, one of them is for the battery products. 

One of the famous emergency light batteries from Lithonia Lighting is the LED. This is maybe one item from Lithonia Lighting that you need.

As we know that Lithonia Lighting is also providing many best replacement parts for supporting their product so that their lighting products can be used in a really long time. 

It means that customers don’t need to always buy a new product if the old one is broken. Below we will give more complete information about this high quality emergency battery such as about the detail of this battery and also the information about customers’ review that will be beneficial for you. 


LED Lithonia Detail:

First of all, we will talk about the detail of this product. At what we already stated above that LED Lithonia is an emergency battery from Lithonia Lighting. This battery has 6V for its voltage with 4.5 ah for the capacity. The terminal that is used is F1. 

How about the price? The price for this battery is really affordable. This battery is sold with the price of $5.89. However, this price is maybe different from one store and the others. That is why; it is important as well for you to make sure that you had already known the price of this product.  

If you decided to buy this battery from online store, you may need to pay the shipping cost and it is varied based on where you live. The battery type that is used on this product is lead acid. Below is the more detail information about this LED Lithonia:

Product Dimensions   : 2.8 x 1.9 x 4 inches. 

Item weight             : 1.8 pounds

Shipping weight        : 1.7 pounds


The shipping weight information above will be really useful, especially if you bought this product from the online store. Usually, this product can be a measurement in how much you have to pay the shipping cost.  

Make sure that you check the shipping cost first when you wanted to order an item. We hope that this information can be beneficial for you so you can get the best one. 


LED Lithonia Description:

The next information that we want to share is about the description of this product. Because this battery is made by Lithonia Lighting, so that the brands that is compatible with this battery is Lithonia Lighting products. 

There is also an important thing that you need to remember in which you have to re-use your existing hardware and cabling and these are only the replacement batteries. Make sure that you verify that the battery is match with your unit prior. 

Why? It is because usually stores will not take this thing as their responsibility. In the other words we can say that of there were an incorrect order, all is your responsibility. 

Chemistry that is used on this LED Lithonia is Sealed Lead Acid or AGM with one year warranty. This warranty is given to make customers are more comfortable and to show that Lithonia Lighting always care about customers and every product that they made. That is why; you have to trust them. 


LED Lithonia Reviews from Customers:

We already gave some important information about this battery above. However, there is still one more interesting information that we need to know. Yes, it is about the LED Lithonia review that comes from customer. 

According to an online store, we can see that this product gets 4.75 stars out from 5 stars. It means that this battery is great enough and there are a lot of customers that satisfied with this battery product. 

It can be seen from many positive reviews that I could find. Many customers said that this product fits perfectly and it works really great. Besides that, they also said that this product is easy to install. 


LED Lithonia price:

What else? If you still wanted to get the other reviews, I will share to you. The other customers said that this LED Lithonia is having great price and it has long lasting charge as well. 

Some customers ordered this product for their rechargeable spotlight from Lithonia Lighting and it is fit same as the original from Lithonia Lighting brands. They really love this product. 

Basically, this battery is really lovable because it has great price, easy to install, work really great and it fit as the same as the original battery from Lithonia Lighting brands. That is why; if you need a battery for your rechargeable emergency lighting, the most perfect option is the LED Lithonia.


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