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By:Abdul Muis


Ibz Lithonia Lighting is a part of Lithonia Lighting products family that is chosen bay many customers. This lighting is also called the I BEAM of IBZ. What is this actually? It is a solution of energy saving of fluorescent 

high bay and it is really perfect for one to one replacement process of common metal halide of systems of high bay. This product has the configurable design that can support some options and accessories that can make any applications of high bay are satisfied. 

Some typical applications are included warehousing, manufacturing, retail facilities and institutional. Below is some information about this Ibz Lithonia Lighting


Ibz Lithonia Lighting Construction

First, we will talk about the construction of Ibz Lithonia Lighting. The configurable design of this products allow the lenses, wire guards, sensors and tandem kits to be installed quickly and easily in both, in Lithonia Lighting factory or in the field. 

There is a feature that is called the IMP or Integrated Modular Plug that will enhance the flexibility of this product by allowing the components of plug and play such as the photocells and sensors. 


Ibz Lithonia Lighting Optics:

Meanwhile for the optics, the Ibz Lithonia Lighting is completed with high quality materials as well. The optics on this product is engineered for both, for managing the heat that is generated by the lap and highly efficient as well. 

The thermal vents on this product will convect the heat quickly for reducing the depreciation of dirt. This is done by pulling contaminates and heat out from the reflector and to keep it stay away from the lamps


Ibz Lithonia Lighting Electrical:

The other important information that is important to be known is about the Ibz Lithonia Lighting ibz lithonia lightingelectrical. This Ibz Lithonia Lighting uses most advanced the ballast technology that is available. This technology is also known as the Cool Running Plus technology ballast and it is integrated with the system of T5HO IBZ system. 

This kind of technology can provide a reliable operation such as in ambient environments up to for about 155 degrees Fahrenheit or for about 68 degrees Celsius. 

This ballast technology has some features like the independent operation of the lamp, the enhanced mode of two level switch and thermal response for regulating the ballast temperature case. 

Furthermore, the Cool Running Plus technology that we had already explained above can be paired with some options of energy saving lamps in order to save additional 5 watt / T5HO lamp. For this case, the Cool Running plus technology ballast and the energy saving lamps are completed and warranted for 5 years warranty. 


Ibz Lithonia Lighting Listing:

How about the listing? For some customers, knowing about a listing of a product is essential because with some listings that are gotten, a product can be known whether it has good quality or not. 

For this Ibz Lithonia Lighting, there are two listings that we can find. Those listings are from CSA Certified to United States and also the Canadian Standard. With these listings we can know that this product had already met the standard and it is a high quality product that customers can buy. 


Ibz Lithonia Lighting Installation Instruction:

The installation instruction of this Ibz Lithonia Lighting is an important question. As we know that installation have to do in the right way to keep the environment is safe and to make the product is worked well and properly. 

However, because the instructions are having a lot of explanation in which we cannot describe on this article, you can straightly open the Lithonia Lighting official website and find the instruction sheets of this product. You will find some important instructions that maybe advantageous for you.


Ibz Lithonia Lighting Price:

ibz lithonia lightingHow about the price? Is this product expensive or cheap enough? Actually, the price of Ibz Lithonia Lighting is varied because there are many products that we can get. 

However, we will give some information of the price of some products. From an online store or online website, a Lithonia Lighting IBZ 654 L GEB10PS90 6 Light Gloss White T5 Fluorescent Industrial High Bay is sold with the price of $171.775 and it is free shipping cost. 

Meanwhile for the ship, it will need for about one up to two days to ship. The other information is for the Lithonia Lighting IBZ 454 hIGH Bay Fixture 4”. This indoor lighting product is sold with the price around $110.89. 

Besides those two examples of Ibz Lithonia Lighting products, there are many IBZ Lithonia Lightings that you can get and basically they have the different price as well. For making you is easier to know the prices of each products, you can directly come to Lithonia Lighting or see the Lithonia Lighting catalogs. 

Those are some information that we can share about the Ibz Lithonia Lighting. 


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