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By:Abdul Muis


Cochran Lithonia Lighting:

Cochran Lithonia Lighting is a Lithonia Lighting factory that is located in “322 W Dykes St. Cochran, GA, 31014, USA”. It is a part of a leader in Lighting industries, the Lithonia Lighting Company

As a Lithonia Lighting Factory, this place produces many Lithonia Lighting products that are needed by many customers such as products for the indoor or outdoor needs, emergency lighting and many more. Below, we will share some information about this lighting factory that maybe will be beneficial for you.


Cochran Lithonia Lighting Overview:

It will be better if we knew the overview about Cochran Lithonia Lighting. Actually, this place is a factory and also the lighting showrooms and sales. 

It means that customers will be able to see various Lithonia Lighting products that are displayed in its showroom. Customers can choose the products based on their needs and also based on their budget. This is a perfect place for seeing various lighting products from Lithonia Lighting

Because this place is also a sales place, customers can buy some Lithonia Lighting products and the interesting thing is that they maybe can get cheaper price than if they bought from the distributors or from some online store. 

That is why; if you wanted to buy many Lithonia Lighting products, it is better for you to come to this Cochran Lithonia Lighting.


Cochran Lithonia Lighting Address and Contact Information:

The first thing that we want to share is about the Cochran Lithonia Lighting address and contact numbers that you can contact. As what we already explained above, this Lithonia Lighting factory is located in “322 W Dykes St. 

Cochran, GA, 31014, USA”. If you wanted to know further about this factory, maybe visiting this factory straightly is a great idea that you can do. 

However, if you were not be able to visit this factory directly, you can take the other options to stay connected with the factory or if you wanted to get any solutions for the lighting problems. You can contact them by phone by calling +1 478 934 0545. 


Cochran Lithonia Lighting News and Rumors:

Unfortunately, there is a bad news and rumors about this factory. According to a source, the cochran lithonia lighting  Cochran Lithonia Lighting plant will be closed on this year. Furthermore, it will eliminate for more than 400 jobs. 

The interesting thing is that, there is no sign that the production of this Cochran factory will transition to its sibling, the Lithonia Lighting plant that is located in Conyers. 

The company said a plan that the transition of the production from Cochran will be moved to the other plants that are located in North America. They said about this plan last week. 

Besides that, a source also said that the products those are currently made in Cochran Lithonia Lighting will be moved or relocated to plants in Minn, Winona, Crawfordsville, Dalls, Ind, Mexico, Monterrey and the other four additional regional of the centers of manufacturing. 

This is a statement that is released by Lithonia lighting company or Acuity Brands to their employees. For your information, Lithonia lighting plants that is located in Cochran is the largest employer, especially in Bleckley County. 

Unfortunately, this plant was downsized until for about 50 percent of its staffs and employees in February 2011. It means that many employees need to thing their life outside Cochran because of this problem.


Cochran Lithonia Lighting and Acuity Brands:

Cochran Lithonia lighting is a part of Acuity brands. In addition, Lithonia Lighting has operated its business in Cochran plant since 1973. 

It is a long time. There is information that we took from a source, the Wall Street Journal, this job cuts problems is as the result of Acuity works for growing less reliant especially for its new construction. They did it by diversifying into some areas like energy efficient products and lighting control devices.

So, what is acuity brand actually? Still from the same source, Acuity Brands is a North American market leader. Besides that, this company is also one of the world leading providers that we can meet for some products like luminaires, systems of lighting control and the other services and products that are related to that thing. 

cochran lithonia lightingThe fiscal year 2010 net sales are more than $ 1.6 billion. The examples of Company’s system control and lighting product lines except Lithonia Lighting is the Peerless, Holophane, Mark Architectural Lighting, Hydrel ®, Gotham, Carandini, American electric lighting, antique street lamp, tersen, Winona Lighting and many more. For knowing its further information, you can open its official website. 

Acuity brands employs for about 6,000 associates and it has the operations throughout some places in this world like North America, Asia and Europe.

That is the information that we can share about Cochran Lithonia Lighting.


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